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We are some private, not financially oriented people with an affinity for weapons, preparing, fighting, etc. We are not related to the persons mentioned on the website. It's just a big pleasure to see this professionals at their work.True to the saying "Action is faster than reaction" we are preparing us as well as possible - whether it arrives or not. Fear is our enemy, the Lord Jesus our protector and savior

Interest + curiosity

We are always trying to find an easier way to the goal. We do not want any new theories, we want to prove that it works

Vision + pragmatics

We do not want the first-best, we want the best solution - which also works

Test + verification

We stand behind everything you read here. We have made the expirience and have everything tested or convinced by ourself

Seriousness + pleasure

Although there are serious things - we have fun at what we do

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Action is always faster than reaction - introducing some professionals

Instructor Zero

When Speed Meets Accuracy
A former Instructor of the 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade, Instructor Zero has loads of experience when it comes to Tactical Shooting.

• Bachelor Degree: Investigation and Security Sciences – 110\110 cum Laude
• Former Instructor 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade
• CEO: OUTCOMES Security & Defence Advisors
• President/Head Instructor: Spartan 360 Tactical Defence Group
• Strategic design, analysis, study & implementation of security protocols for three high security clearance sites relating to I*** (Highest National Clearance)
• Clinical Professor: University level, Sciences for Investigations and Security, Italy
• Chief Security Architect and Current Security Operations Director holding one of the Highest Security Levels for a Civil Industrial Site in Italy

Baret Fawbusch

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

My name is Baret Fawbush. You probably know me by “Truexodus” from Instagram. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and while I was in high school, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and decided to go to Bible College to become a preacher. So I put in my time, got a Masters Degree, and moved to no-where’s-ville Southern Indiana to preach at a tiny country church that would easily become the love of my life. I’ve always grown up around firearms.
Ever since I was younger, my dad instilled in me gun safety, respect for animal life, and the need to be outdoors.

I never saw firearms as a means to self-defense until something terrible happened to a couple on our college campus.

Doug Marcaida

Master of kali
Doug Marcaida is an Edge Impact Weapon specialist who has an extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts and Military and Law enforcement training.
Mr. Marcaida has trained several military units, including the U.S. Marines and Philippine’s Force Reconnaissance Battalion in the Joint Interoperability Exercises. Filipino President, Gloria Macapagal, issued Mr. Marcaida a citation award for his outstanding efforts in training military combatives.
Marcaida Kali is the art he practice.
Marcaida Kali is heavily based on South East Asian styles. With much of the focus being on the evolution and innovation of the various systems that Kuya Doug Marcaida has studied. It is his personal interpretation that is replicable for his students and the system that we call Marcaida Kali: The practice of using weapons such as the baston (stick) as a tool to learn body mechanics in empty hand applications helps the practitioner to develop a more combative mind set in their martial training.

Frédéric Mastro

Efficacite - Realite - Concret
Celebrity BodyGuard, Martial Artist, Fight Choreographer and all around Tough-Guy Fred Mastro demonstrates one of the simple techniques that he incorporates into his Mastro Self Defence Silat system.

Frédéric Mastro has himself started in security for a long time, in close protection and in the world of night as a doorman. He started martial arts at the age of 8, practicing English boxing and judo. But it was in Penchak Silat that he found his own fulfillment before starting to train security guards, doormen of nightclubs as well as some police units, gendarmerie, close protection agents, penitentiary and military officers.
Moreover, it is not strange to meet him in Monaco, Nice, Rome, Paris ... because Frédéric Mastro moves to teach both in Belgium and abroad. Unlike other martial arts, the system taught by Frédéric Mastro is based on his experience on the ground and on that of professionals of the security and close protection who have a real practice of their profession.

Here we go brothers

”I need to show proof that it works man. Otherwise, it is useless. It is just a theory, like everything else. You need to show it works. ”
~ Instructor Zero
Recent news & more from the tactical world


by on 2017-01-18

You want very robust boots you can rely on? Then you need the Meindl Army Pro! Because the feet are very important in combat!
Higher ankle protection than the Army Gore. Full grain leather uppers with soft cuff and tongue lining. Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® lining. Meindl double density Multigrip sole unit.
Very robust and comfortable boots.
This boot is completely made of leather and can therefore be maintained very well.

Pistol Optics: The Trouble with the Dot

by on 2017-01-04

From breachbangclear.com
A red dot sight (RDS) on a handgun is increasingly common to behold. Though the idea isn’t new, the advent of smaller and more durable optics has helped it steamroll along to the point that they’re no longer considered an exotic spectacle. More people will try a handgun with a RDS this year than the last, and that trend will no doubt continue at least through the near future. That being said, not everyone thinks that they’re great.

Picking Up the Dot

A common complaint I hear from people first trying out a pistol equipped with a RDS is not being able to acquire the dot, or not being able to acquire it fast enough. Over the years there have been several different methodologies touted by various competitive shooters and instructors, with some being better than others. In this post I’ll outline some of these methods, and let you know which variations I find to work best.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all these methods will require at least some work on your part. A red dot sight is going to have a taller height over bore (HOB) than your traditional sighting method, and thus will take some trigger time to get used to. Some mounts and optics are taller than others, but that may not be as big of a deal as you think. (mehr …)

DCS DA 5.56mm Plate Carrier

by on 2016-12-30

The DCS (Dynamic Combat System) is a lightweight, low profile system which is rugged, yet ergonomically designed to provide exceptional comfort and functionality. Designed with direct input from active S.F. Operators the DCS is suitable for both Special Forces requirements, and PSD Operations. The DCS can hold large size plates front and Back, and has the ability to carry either “6 x 6” or “6 x 8” side plates. NEXUS N.I.J. Level 3a Front, Back and Side Armour can also be used with I.C.W. style Plates and for additional protection against I.E.D.s armour carrier, with removable sides.

The shoulders are fully adjustable and have an Emergency Release on one side which frees the left hand side shoulder section and allows the operator to remove the Rig without having to remove his helmet. The Side sections of the DCS are fully adjustable for size and can be adjusted in under 15 seconds. 3D Spacer Mesh lining is used for comfort and allows body heat to move away from the bodies surface while assisting in air flow to provide cooling. (mehr …)

Tavor® X95™ Flattop XB16

by on 2016-09-01

The new Tavor® X95™ is the next generation bullpup from IWI US, Inc. Upgrades and enhancements from the original TAVOR® SAR include a new fire control pack with a 5-6 lb. trigger pull, repositioning of the ambidextrous mag release to an AR-15 location, a forearm with Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions with removable rail covers, relocation of the charging handle closer to your center mass, a modular Tavor style pistol grip that can be swapped out to a standard pistol grip with traditional trigger guard and a smaller, lower profile bolt release button.

The predecessor model of the X95 MTAR-21 was an extremely compact version of the IWI Tavor, but in 2002 the original MTAR-21 design was abandoned and replaced by a newer design known simply as X95 or Micro Tavor.
It is considered by the types manufacturers to be a separate family of assault rifles, although sometimes still referred to as Micro Tavor or even MTAR. (mehr …)

Meindl Combat Boots Desert Fox

by on 2016-07-25

A lightweight and comfortable desert boot made from suede leather with Cordura inserts. Perfectly balanced climate comfort for warm desert regions. The Desert Fox Safari Boots feature an Air-Active Footbed that will absorb and store foot moisture when conditions are really heating up. With reinforced heel area and rubber cap in the front toe area. The multi-grip sole offers optimal traction both in the desert sand and on asphalt. Very comfortable wearing due to the soft tongue. The integrated bending zone on the heel allows furthermore a high level of flexibility.
Comfort is provided by the Poron shock absorber and the high ankle provides support for uneven terrrain or load carrying. The Desert Fox is a robust boot designed to provide comfort, support and a sure grip in desert conditions.

– Upper material: Suede leather
– Sole: Meindl Multigrip® sole, oil- and gasoline resistant
– Footbed with removable AIR-ACTIVE® drysole
– Weight: 800 g