Proverbs 21:31



Being prepared for emergencies is simply a good and proper idea and a prudent action to take.

If you need examples of why, look to the past and refer to the natural disasters, financial disruption, and man-made devastation that has occurred. Then look at the present for more evidence of potential tribulations and peril.
Where are we vulnerable? We are susceptible to short-term disruptions and/or to circumstances that lead to long term changes in our lifestyles. You must choose what the scenario will be and how you will respond.

Be aware that sensible preparedness planning provides an invaluable experience of security and peace of mind appreciated by yourself and your family.
We can not always rely on someone else or the government to take care of us.

It is necessary to:
• identify potentially catastrophic scenarios,
• determine a realistic and suitable response,
• Create an appropriate plan of action.

This is not a great revelation – it is rather self-evident.


Our awareness, understanding, decisions, predictions and behavior are directed by the “mental maps” we have about the way things work. Our knowledge, beliefs, experience and habits are “packaged” in the form of mental maps (also called cognitive blueprints or schemas).
If those “maps” are detailed and accurate, you dramatically increase the probability of effective performance in high-stress situations.
If those maps are inaccurate, have gaps or are missing all together, you run the risk of an improper reaction, over reacting, under reacting or not reacting at all.
We have a term for that in self-defense training. Its called “NOT GOOD!”

Its hard to “get good” at something that never happens. Unlike other activities requiring experience and skills development, you can not rely on repeated exposure and previous events when preparing for a violent encounter.

So how do you improve your self-defense effectiveness? Physical practice is “part” of the answer… Especially, when you participate in role playing scenarios that simulate the types of situations that you might encounter. But even that isn’t enough to really get “street smart.” What you need to do is create self-defense scenarios in your mind. You need to “pre-think” and decide in advance about what you would do in a critical situation BEFORE it happens.


In Switzerland, there are several places where you can train your skills.
It depends on what you want to prepare yourself.

Under the heading “Recommended” you can find suppliers and products that have been tested by ourselves.

Getting ready does not mean only to train his abilities, but also to have enough food, medical products and items of daily use.

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Group of lunatics

We are some private, not financially oriented people with an affinity for preparing, fighting, weapons, etc. We are not affiliated with the persons mentioned on the website and do not take any financial advantage of them. It is simply a great pleasure for us to see these professionals at work.
They deserve to be talked about.

True to the saying „Action is faster than reaction“ we are preparing us as well as possible – whether it arrives or not.

Fear is our enemy, the Lord JEsus Christ our protector and savior


We are always trying to find an easier way to the goal.
We do not want any new theories, we want to prove that it works


We stand behind everything you read here.
We have made the expirience and have everything tested or convinced by ourself


We do not want the very first solution.
We want the best solution that works – always.


Although they are serious things – we enjoy what we do


Action is always faster than reaction - introducing some professionals


We are not affiliated with these persons and do not take any financial advantage of them. It is simply a great pleasure for us to see these professionals at work.

physical training
Alex Pineschi, former Italian Army veteran, started his specialized professional path in the United States where he worked together with the most important and well-known military and law enforcement instructors in the business. In 2009, he started his private company, AP TAC, aiming to develop...
Mike, also known as “knockoutlights” is a POST Certified Law Enforcement Range Master, Sig Law Enforcement Master Instructor, a SWAT team member for 11 Years. He focuses his training methods on proven combat tactics with an emphasis on performance. Mike is also a successful problem...
Celebrity BodyGuard, Martial Artist, Fight Choreographer and all around Tough-Guy Fred Mastro demonstrates one of the simple techniques that he incorporates into his Mastro Self Defence Silat system. Frédéric Mastro has himself started in security for a long time, in close protection and in the...
Paolo Simeone a tactical trainer former military with more than 20 years of experience in PSD in hostile enviroment. He worked in Afghanistan, the Balcans, Africa and more than 12 years in Iraq with the US DoD when Iraq was really “IRAQ”…… Now he works...
Doug Marcaida is an Edge Impact Weapon specialist who has an extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts and Military and Law enforcement training. Mr. Marcaida has trained several military units, including the U.S. Marines and Philippine’s Force Reconnaissance Battalion in the Joint Interoperability Exercises. Filipino...
A former Instructor of the 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade, Instructor Zero has loads of experience when it comes to Tactical Shooting. • Bachelor Degree: Investigation and Security Sciences – 110\110 cum Laude • Former Instructor 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military...
Idan Abolnik is the founder and Chief Instructor of the KALAH Israeli Combat System. Since he was 18 years old, he has served many years in the Israeli army and fought there in various special units. From an officer in the “Golani Unit”, one of...
Baret Fawbush is a preacher from Poseyville, Indiana, with one of the fastest draws from concealment ever. Wielding his Glock for the flock, he keeps busy showing his loyal following how to prepare for the worst with his quick draw (from concealment) at a mind...

Lucas Botkin – T.Rex Arms

Lucas Botkin – T.Rex Arms


How to train your skills - shown by some professionals



Study and practice the skills necessary for completing your goals


The Warrior knows there is bad pain and good pain. He is willing, even eager to withstand psychological and physical pain on the path to his goals. He’s the kind of man who subscribes to the “pain is just weakness leaving the body” philosophy; he relishes difficulty because it makes him stronger.


If you don’t know how big of a coward you are you have some work to do. Seeing it is the first step, second step is your coming-out as a coward. It is painful and shameful to realize how fear driven and inauthentic we are. Don’t know what we are talking about? We’re sorry to break it to you but then you are merely a coward in denial and you are not a warrior. You don’t have a clue.

Transcending cowardice (or selfishness) is both a daily and a life-long path. If you don’t give your spiritual training absolute priority your coward will have (a lot) of power over you. Who do you think is the one that whispers in your ear that you don’t need to think about or that it’s too difficult or boring? It’s the devil! Meet your coward. Are you skipping your prayers regularly or not practicing at all? Don’t call yourself a warrior, you are not facing yourself but using a title to create a false sense of self-worth.

A warrior speaks from his heart and therefore naturally lives up to his word. His word and his actions are aligned; there is no gap. A coward likes to paint a favorable self-image and will say anything that sounds right in the moment. Changing your mind a lot? Making excuses? Trying to avoid commitment or getting away from previous promises regularly? That means you are running away from your true nature. The coward owns you.

Self-preservation at all costs is the domain of the coward. A warrior knows that it is not about him. As a warrior you don’t feel separated so you don’t act as if you feel separated. Only a separated self gives his self-preservation priority. Are most of your actions aimed at creating something beneficial for yourself? Say hi to your coward.

A warrior is intimately acquainted with his fears. He knows them as well a mother knows the names of her children. But his actions are not informed by fear but by love. He is not without fear but free from them. In denial of fear? Avoiding fear? Spend a lot of time looking for comfort and chasing desire? You are living the cowardly life.

A coward likes to hide behind masks. Successful masks, pretty masks and cool masks are his favorites. Smart masks and charming are also convenient. A warrior reveals them for his own sanity, not to impress others. He simply wants his vision to be clear. Are you aware of your masks? Are you committed to unconditional discarding masks, tossing them one after the other? If that is not a wholehearted YES that is coming out of your mouth right now you are looking through the lens of a coward.

A warrior helps because he can. Not because he wants to or if he feels like it. A coward has an agenda and keeps track of his ‘good deeds’ because he expects them back sooner or later. A warrior likes to give, a coward likes to benefit. When was the last time somebody reached out to you for help? Was there the slightest bit of reluctancy? Felt the slightest bit of rejection towards either the person or his request? Then your coward played you, even if you complied eventually.

A warrior gives everything because he has no fear of depleting himself nor does he need energy to uphold anything. Everything he has to offer is available. He shares his resources, albeit financial, emotional, intellectual or physical. Ever caught yourself trying to give less than you really have and justifying that behavior, even manipulating the truth to make your actions look sincere? You know it: it’s your selfish coward once again.

If this list makes you feel like ‘man, it is almost impossible to be a warrior all the time’ well then you are right. But it is an ideal worthy of practicing every day. It is ok to be a coward. That is a lot better than calling yourself a warrior when you’re not even close. Owning your coward is already pretty courageous so it is a step in the right direction. Next step is consciously working towards transformation. It is a long process and a difficult journey but very worthwhile.


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In 2011, Alex began to operate in the anti-piracy field as a private security contractor in high-risk zones in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Through the experience gathered, in 2014 he founded one of the first companies in that field with the aim of providing highly specialized training based on international standards.

No problem! We are happy to do it for free!


True words

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."


Chinese general & military strategist (545 BC - 470 BC)
"You need to show proof that it works man. Otherwise, it is useless. It is just a theory, like everything else. You need to show it works!"

Instructor Zero

CEO Team Zero
"The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."

Douglas MacArthur

Brigadier General in First World War, General of the Army in the Second World War (1880 - 1864)