Some time ago we placed an order for the Medic pouch at BTG – Badass Tactical Gear.
This bag is very small and fits very well to the warbelt. By means of elastic straps a CAT can be fastened on top of it, which remains where it should be even with high movements.
In case of emergency, the inner pouch can be pulled out of the case to the side you want.

The outside pocket is supplied with an elastic top closure for the CAT seat and a front Velcro fastener to secure the actual Medi bag. In addition, the bag can be adjusted by bungee cord and cordlocks.

The inside pocket with pull-out handles is fully equipped with elastic straps to hold all the user’s personal equipment. The insert opening is equipped with a double flap for easy opening even with dirty hands and gloves.
The content must be kept quite minimalistic, as there is not really much space available. But that’s good and wanted. Because it is really meant for the very first supply, until the real Doc is reached…

Equipped with the MOLLE system it is possible to mount this system on any platform, classic or laser cut.

Medic Velcro is not included in the price and delivery.

From our point of view a top product at a top price. Absolutely recommended!