Doug Marcaida – Marcaida Kali

Doug Marcaida is an Edge Impact Weapon specialist who has an extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts and Military and Law enforcement training.
Mr. Marcaida has trained several military units, including the U.S. Marines and Philippine’s Force Reconnaissance Battalion in the Joint Interoperability Exercises. Filipino President, Gloria Macapagal, issued Mr. Marcaida a citation award for his outstanding efforts in training military combatives.
Marcaida Kali is the art he practice.

Marcaida Kali is heavily based on South East Asian styles. With much of the focus being on the evolution and innovation of the various systems that Kuya Doug Marcaida has studied. It is his personal interpretation that is replicable for his students and the system that we call Marcaida Kali: The practice of using weapons such as the baston (stick) as a tool to learn body mechanics in empty hand applications helps the practitioner to develop a more combative mind set in their martial training.


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