Frédéric Mastro – Mastrodefence

Celebrity BodyGuard, Martial Artist, Fight Choreographer and all around Tough-Guy Fred Mastro demonstrates one of the simple techniques that he incorporates into his Mastro Self Defence Silat system.

Frédéric Mastro has himself started in security for a long time, in close protection and in the world of night as a doorman. He started martial arts at the age of 8, practicing English boxing and judo. But it was in Penchak Silat that he found his own fulfillment before starting to train security guards, doormen of nightclubs as well as some police units, gendarmerie, close protection agents, penitentiary and military officers.

Moreover, it is not strange to meet him in Monaco, Nice, Rome, Paris … because Frédéric Mastro moves to teach both in Belgium and abroad. Unlike other martial arts, the system taught by Frédéric Mastro is based on his experience on the ground and on that of professionals of the security and close protection who have a real practice of their profession.

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