Instructor Zero – Team Zero

A former Instructor of the 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade, Instructor Zero has loads of experience when it comes to Tactical Shooting.

• Bachelor Degree: Investigation and Security Sciences – 110\110 cum Laude
• Former Instructor 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade
• CEO: OUTCOMES Security & Defence Advisors
• President/Head Instructor: Spartan 360 Tactical Defence Group
• Strategic design, analysis, study & implementation of security protocols for three high security clearance sites relating to I*** (Highest National Clearance)
• Clinical Professor: University level, Sciences for Investigations and Security, Italy
• Chief Security Architect and Current Security Operations Director holding one of the Highest Security Levels for a Civil Industrial Site in Italy

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